Garcez Recursos Humano (English)
Garcez RH is a Human Resources consulting firm established over 30 years. Areas of expertise include Labor & Union Relations; Labor Negotiations - Collective Bargaining consulting; Personnel Administration; Preventive Labor Legal Services; Organizational & Managerial Development; Job Hunting / Outplacement; Head Hunting / Executive Search; Personnel Planning and Development; Wage & Benefits Administration for national and multinational organizations both in Brazil and abroad.

This outstanding experience has been used with great success by the management community since 1985, when GARCEZ consolidated its presence in the consulting market by exceeding the best practices in use up to that time. Our activities are based on the philosophies of respect for customers, and high standards of ethics and professionalism. Experiences gained on specific projects are used by all to improve productivity and quality, resulting in improved profits, the natural objective in a capitalist society.

As reference of our services, we can mention the companies as follow: AkzoNobel; Monsanto; Kraft Foods; Robert Bosch; Goodyear; FIAT; Fumagalli; Amsted/Maxion; L'Oréal; Unilever; Pirelli S/A; Cognis; Henkel; Asea Brown Boveri; Alstom; Evonik (Degussa); Nivea Beiersdorf; BAT (Souza Cruz); Alunorte/Norsk; Toyota Material Handling Mercosur; Valeo, Vale, Petrobras and others. Main areas of services:

• Labor & Union Relations consulting
• Union Negotiations consultancy - Labor Negotiator team
• Profit Share Programs Negotiated with Union
• Specialized Labor Training Programs
• Contingency Plans Development
• Outplacement services
• Executive Search
• Personnel Planning / Training & Development

Facilities and Team We count upon an experienced well prepared team of Consultants and Labor Negotiators and adequate facilities to offer the best and the most personalized services for our corporate clients.

Our Consultants and Labor Negotiators are constantly submitted to training, visits, and research and development programs in Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia.